Platforms and Business Card Day!

Moo Business CardsI feel like I could easily go cross-eyed today from doing so much computer work!  Blogging and keeping up an online presence is NOT for the faint of heart…  As a newbie to all of this I am spending time reading articles, working with understanding different platform programs and trying to have continuity (consistent branding) from social media site to social media site.  It is a big learning experience for sure.  I am hoping that once I get all the foundation laid, I will be able to keep up with actual content and posting.  Fingers crossed!

I did get to do some designing today though.  I still love Photoshop work. <3  I am going to being sending off some designs to be printed with good ole  I adore the fact that you can have 50 different designs printed on the cards.  Great for someone like me who likes variety and has a lot of different work. 🙂

Bird Business Card

Wish me luck with getting my eyes uncrossed and taking a break from the screen for awhile!

Cheers, Holly

First Year of Dried Lavender

This was my first year trying to grow and harvest lavender and I feel pretty fulfilled! I know this is extremely basic for any true gardener but it has been an interesting process to me. Last year we had our backyard landscaped and the landscapers put in three Lavender shrubs (?). I LOVE the smell of lavender and was surprised that the whole plant (leaves, stalks and blossoms) smells amazing. I will definitely be harvesting more next summer and I know I will be looking on Pinterest for fun ideas on how to make something with these little beauties.

Cheers, Holly

It’s Hella ugly but it works!

Here she is! I have spent much of the day looking online to find a cheap/free way to film overhead views with my iPhone 6s Plus and this is the result. Yes, it looks scary and somewhat Frankenstein-ish but it does indeed work.

Obviously I will work on the lighting BUT I think for filming purposes this set up is pretty successful for a random box and a broomstick I found around the art room.  Add some masking tape, a step stool, heavy clay to weigh it all down and VOILA. I’m going to keep messing with this set up and time lapse filming but I am pretty happy with the preliminary test!

Cheers, Holly